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The Shetler Show
Life is a beautiful struggle
Category: Comedy
Location: Taunton
Professional skateboarder has amazing discussions with interesting people from all walks of life
Professional Skateboarder

by anthony she...
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May 24, 2015 07:25 PM PDT

Philip Deal, native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, is an internationally renowned classical and contemporary dancer. He is an award winning choreographer and teacher, whose works have been commissioned by dance companies, schools, and professional dancers in the United States and abroad. At 10, Philip followed Jazz Master Frank Hatchett to NYC to train under him at the Broadway Dance Center while studying at Wiest-Barron school of TV. At 14, he received his training at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington D.C. and toured with the Kirov Ballet of St. Petersburg Russia across America for three years performing as a soloist in The Nutcracker while spending his summer time at School of American Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre’s Young Dancer’s Program NYC. At the age of 16, Philip was the youngest full-ranking soloist in the history of the Komische Oper in Berlin, Germany. At 18, he was the youngest ever and only American ever to win a medal at the Concours International de Danse de Paris performing original choreography by Mia Michaels. In 2002, he taught ballet at STEPS on Broadway in New York City in its International Young Dancers Program. Philip has taught master classes and judged at regional and national dance competitions such as Dance Masters of America, Dance Educators of America and Aspire.

Yoga, Pilates, Pole Fitness, Aerial Fitness

Philip is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and received his certification through YogaFit Training Systems. He received his advanced Yoga training under Master Adam Nguyen, a descendant of Quang Trung Nguyen Hue, the 18th century Vietnamese King and Yoga Master at the International Yoga Institute in Virginia Beach. He has practiced Tantra Yoga with Hot Nude Yoga creator Aaron Star. He is also a certified Aerial Yoga instructor with Atmosphere Fitness. Philip is also a certified Pilates mat instructor. Philip began Pole Dancing when he was a featured dancer in North Carolina at Chasers Bar, Charlotte’s only all male nude review. He received his Pole Fitness certification through Crunch Gym, NYC X-Pert Teacher Training under Kyra Johannesen. He has competed in pole nationally at the American Pole Fitness Championships, National Aerial Pole Art, and Polesque. In November 2012 he won the silver medal at the Southern Pole Championships in Houston, Texas in the senior dramatic division. Now he teaches Pole, Aerial Silk, Aerial Hoop, Flexibility, Hand Balancing at North Shore Pole Fitness in Lawrence, MA. Philip Just completed the Animal Flow Coach workshop with Mike Fitch owner of Global Body Weight Training to become a certified Animal Flow Coach. Philip is a Level 2 certified Parkour instructor with USA Parkour a subdivision of the World Freerunning & Parkour Federation

Adult Entertainment/Sex Education

Five years ago Philip became an overnight sensation on the adult social network XTube as Adam Likes Apples. He began producing and directing his own brand of amateur porn. That summer he won "Best Video of the Year" at the Amateur Porn Star Awards hosted by XTube presented by EXXXotica in Miami, FL. At the time he was the #1 most viewed XTuber with over 5,000,000 video views. He worked for the reality webcam show Hot Cam Boiz as an actor and webcam model. As Adam, Philip became an infamous and renown blogger teaching his Tantra Yoga for Men, Stamina Training Techniques, and Exotic Male Dance. Philip is listed on the New School for Erotic Touch and the Orgasmic Yoga Institute as a sexologist and instructor, creating original video content for adult sex education. Today Philip holds classes and workshops in Tantra, Adult Sex Education, and Erotic Massage.

May 17, 2015 04:22 PM PDT

Neal Mims has dedicated over 30 years of his life to skateboarding and has been a professional for 16 of them. He has graced the pages of major magazine publications worldwide and has appeared in numerous skate videos and tv shows. He has skated with the best athletes in the industry such as: Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Paul Rodriquez, Rodney Mullen, Torey Pudwill, Rob Dyrdek, Chris Cole, Bob Burnquist, and Ryan Sheckler. His pro model boards can be purchased all over the world.

Neal’s love of skating is what made him want to create NMSA. Neal wants to be able to share his knowledge and experience with others while having fun and making connections with his students. He enjoys watching his students grow into more confident, experienced skaters. With a unique sense of humor, Neal is able to connect to each individual, and make every experience memorable. His invaluable knowledge about the world of skateboarding allow him to teach students about the skateboarding industry alongside skateboarding fundamentals and skatepark etiquette. When he isn’t skating, Neal’s passions in life include golf, family, and living a healthy, active life.

April 27, 2015 08:22 PM PDT

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler its down with “the Package” Sid Abruzzi. This episode is a special one for the skateboard podcast, as Sid had an impact on Shetler coming up as a skater.

They begin by getting into what seems like the standard line when we talk about the good ol days of skateboarding, “with putting a pair of roller skate wheels on a piece of wood”. The conversation proves very enlightening, and leads into “the surfing boom”. Which spawned skateboarding as we know it. Sid Abruzzi breaks it down, and expands on the history of skateboards making their way into shops.

Sid feels that after 6 decades of skateboarding, that surfing and skating are intertwined even to this day. They discuss the climate of skateboarding during the “Lords of Dogtown” era, including the rivalry between surfer/skaters and the skateboarding purists.

Anthony Shetler asks about how Sid got into selling skateboards and doing parking lot demos. They get into building ramps with the Water Brothers,and hosting a demo with the Bones Brigade that was sold out. Sid Abruzzi also talks about Skater Island, and everything that made it possible.

Host: Anthony Shetler


Guest: Sid Abruzzi

Instagram: Sid Abruzzi (@waterbrothers) • Instagram photos and videos
Twitter: Water Brothers (@WaterBros) | Twitter

Jake Phelps
Kevin Day
Skater Island
Malden Skatepark
Zero Gravity
Woodflow Skateboards
Lords of Dogtown
Stevie Derra
Bones Brigade
Skaters Edge
Tony Hawk
Brian Pennington
Reese Simpson
Christian Hosoi
Fletcher Brothers
Ryan Wiebust

April 20, 2015 02:53 PM PDT

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and the one and only Marc Johnson have an intense conversation. It is a new type of podcast with Marc on as a guest, with never ending insights, even though he has never done a podcast before. They begin by talking about their mutual love of podcasts, including the podcasts that Anthony Shetler and Marc Johnson recommend.

Marc Johnson feels that he is an optimists, but his look at the world might not be shared by many others. They discuss peoples perceptions of the world , including what other industries “take” from skateboarding. Anthony Shetler and Marc Johnson get into major questions concerning the skate industry, comprises, skater owned businesses, growing up with the internet, human consciousness, among many other interesting topics.

Skaters actually talking about religion? Marc Johnson and Shetler talk about what religion really means, and what it means to them. They also get into so many other major topics that skaters do not usually discuss in interviews.

Anthony Shetler speaks about what balance there is to be found in life, with skateboarding, relationships, and more. Marc Johnson goes into being aware, and being able to tell when someone is not. They delve into growing as a human, and expressing themselves as skaters, men, and influencers.

Host: Anthony Shetler


Guest: Marc Johnson



Mark Passio
Joe Rogan
Back 40
Fucking Awesome
Chris Carter
Mike Hill
Alien Workshop
Larry Gordan
Todd Swank
Jason Carney
Tom Hornen
Jack Barnett
Planet Earth
ABC Hats
Chris Roberts
Kenny Anderson

April 13, 2015 04:30 PM PDT

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and former co-host of The Shetler Show, Steven Ramsey, are playing catch up for the podcast. Ramsey has been there from the beginning, so having him back on was epic!

They begin by getting into how Ramsey found his way into skateboarding through his dad’s metal skateboard, as well as getting in with the All I Need crew.

They discuss the odd-end jobs Ramsey worked while living in New York, including the one time he was involved in a high-speed car chase. Anthony Shetler finds out more about the good times and struggles Ramsey survived in the city as a poor man being poor.

They get into his “Do or Pie” segment for World Industries, and his filming for Anthony Shetler’s shoes. Ramsey talks about how to get out of a funk and realizing that life isn’t just peaches and cream. Both feel that a part of growing up is knowing that life is about getting what you give and knowing how to survive through tough times.

Ramsey speaks about being a father, and “feeling the feels.” Ramsey goes into how being a dad hasn’t changed much of his life, except for the better. Anthony Shetler delves into Ramsey’s work with the Bob Show on Snapchat.

Host: Anthony Shetler


Guest: Ramsey


Tim Tierney
John McNair
The Wheaton Family
Brandon Westgate
Nick Dompierre
Mike Vallely
Tim O’Connor
Brother Ali
Lee Yankou
Chris Mathis
Andrew Canning
Erica Yary
Ryan Reyes
Lil’ Wayne
Solstice Skate
Steve Dupree
Melissa at No Prob
The Bob Show
CJ Linde

April 06, 2015 05:44 PM PDT

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and University of Dayton Professor, Zachary Sanford educate each other on the business of action sports for the podcast. Plus, Anthony Shetler gives away an Olloclip, listen for more details on how to snag it.

They start off talking about how Zachary Sanford came to be a guest on the Shetler Show. They begin to discuss the reasoning that Zachary decided to become a professor, and how he decided to dive into the niche of teaching students the history and business of action sports.

Zachary Sanford feels that skateboarding has evolved into an anti-intellectual culture. They discuss skate journalism losing its value, including the potential of it growing into new media. Anthony Shetler recommends podcasting to Zachary in order to teach online. They get into why self-expression should be the heart of skateboarding and podcasting.

Zachary Sanford talks about the assignments in his class that deal with the skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. He speaks about the core versus the mainstream brands of the sports, possibly being the ones to have killed the essence of the sport. Anthony Shetler goes into finding out what the Olympics and other commercialized contests offer to the culture. Zachary goes into how skaters could do a little more to support the communities around us, since it is an illegal sport that we all truly love.

Host: Anthony Shetler


Guest: Zachary Sanford



Josh Kalis
Chris Haslam
Rob Dyrdek
Ryan Gallant

March 29, 2015 09:17 PM PDT

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and co-founder of Excel Management, Ryan Clements kick off talking about the Florida skate scene. Ryan Clements makes sure he does his part in giving back from the “corporate” side of the industry.

They begin by talking about what tied together the local scene. Ryan Clements remembers skating with the homies on three different ramps, and hitting up the ramp at the Florida roller rink, Astro Skate. Ryan Clements and Anthony Shetler feel that a ton of heavy hitters came out of the scene Ryan Clements grew up skating in; when it was pre-social media.

They discuss Ryan Clements’ career within skateboarding, including SPoT. Anthony Shetler expresses how important it is to have people like Ryan in the skateboard industry, regarding being business minded. They get into being able to “run a business in the back”, but having fun the whole way through.

Ryan Clements speaks about how important it is to do rad things in skateboarding, and then the money will follow. Ryan and Anthony goes into starting and managing contests. They delve into the importance of knowing your strengths as a business, especially if working in the skateboarding industry. Ryan Clements discusses what he does for a living, since he left SPoT with his new companies, The Boardr and Excel.

Host: Anthony Shetler


Guest: Ryan Clements


Josh and Jim Stewart
Ron Allen
Mike Frazier
Bryan Schaefer
Bo Turner
Mike and George Deer
Matt Million
Elissa Steamer
Shannon May
Kris Markovich
Paul Zitzer
Rob Welsh
Pat Duffy
Grant Taylor
Shane O’Neill
Ishod Wair
Boo Johnson
Austyn Gillette
Paul Rodriguez
Mark Gonzalez
Jim Thebeau
Grind For Life

March 23, 2015 05:09 PM PDT

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and Hive Skate Shop owner, Charlie King, kick it at the New London, Connecticut shop for the podcast. Charlie King works to make Hive Skate Shop a home that can be liveable forever.

They begin by talking about the shop evolving from another board/brand to hosting a 5-foot mini. Charlie King worked hard to open the shop. They go into how working various jobs teaches a broad skill set, from efficient marketing to building with your own hands.

Charlie King talks about living for the quality of life and the path he’s taken to follow his passion. Anthony Shetler feels that the relationship between a skater and the shop is paramount. They discuss attending trade shows, including finding more than the local support for shops through networking. Anthony Shetler was first noticed through his local shop’s network by showing shop-made video parts.

They get into the benefits of supporting your local shop. Charlie and Anthony bond about Deluxe, Spitfire and the mindset that supporting the shop will in turn support you.

Anthony speaks about his reasoning for supporting the New England AM Contest. Charlie King goes into explaining the relevance of having a skatepark and shop for the skate rats. They delve into discussing the sense of community that comes out of establishing respect within a skate shop and park.

Host: Anthony Shetler


Guest: Charlie King


Charlie’s Dad
Jim Thebeau
Brad at Deluxe
The Gonz
Tommy Guerrero
Austyn Gillette
Kevin Phelps
The entire New England Am Team for the Hive Skate Shop

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