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The Shetler Show
Life is a beautiful struggle
Category: Comedy
Location: Taunton
Professional skateboarder has amazing discussions with interesting people from all walks of life
Professional Skateboarder

by anthony she...
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March 23, 2015 05:09 PM PDT

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and Hive Skate Shop owner, Charlie King, kick it at the New London, Connecticut shop for the podcast. Charlie King works to make Hive Skate Shop a home that can be liveable forever.

They begin by talking about the shop evolving from another board/brand to hosting a 5-foot mini. Charlie King worked hard to open the shop. They go into how working various jobs teaches a broad skill set, from efficient marketing to building with your own hands.

Charlie King talks about living for the quality of life and the path he’s taken to follow his passion. Anthony Shetler feels that the relationship between a skater and the shop is paramount. They discuss attending trade shows, including finding more than the local support for shops through networking. Anthony Shetler was first noticed through his local shop’s network by showing shop-made video parts.

They get into the benefits of supporting your local shop. Charlie and Anthony bond about Deluxe, Spitfire and the mindset that supporting the shop will in turn support you.

Anthony speaks about his reasoning for supporting the New England AM Contest. Charlie King goes into explaining the relevance of having a skatepark and shop for the skate rats. They delve into discussing the sense of community that comes out of establishing respect within a skate shop and park.

Host: Anthony Shetler


Guest: Charlie King


Charlie’s Dad
Jim Thebeau
Brad at Deluxe
The Gonz
Tommy Guerrero
Austyn Gillette
Kevin Phelps
The entire New England Am Team for the Hive Skate Shop

March 16, 2015 07:06 PM PDT

This episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and fellow pro skateboarder, Jordan Hoffart have another great conversation on the podcast.

They start off while Jordan is driving his car down the road, but then Jordan ends up pulling over to do the podcast on the side of the road. Once he is parked, they discuss his skateboarding origins- including when he got his first board. They go into when Jordan Hoffart started skating, and why he continues.

From two professional skateboarders point of view, Shetler and Hoffart discuss skating different types of terrain, growing up in cold weather, terrible music, and Canadian accents. Anthony Shetler feels that Canadians are polite and really exceptionally good at skating. They also talk about fighting, and Jordan Hoffart tells another crazy story about getting into a scuffle after his wallet was stolen.

They go into getting hooked up with boards, appreciating life, and having fun with skateboarding and having kids. As a father, Jordan Hoffart is working to keep balance in his life. He goes into details about why he appreciates every minute that he has on his skate board, and of course, Anthony Shetler is right there with him.

Now that they both are over 30, Jordan Hoffart and Anthony Shetler can talk about the effects of being in the game for a while, and what comes along with it. Legalization, injuries, changing times, yoga, lucid dreaming, float tanks, AIN tv shows, getting sponsored, acting in movies, power rangers murder, skateboarding contests, haters, skate companies dropping out, human consciousness, learning from the internet, and much more are talked about right here on the Shetler Show.

Host: Anthony Shetler


Guest: Jordan Hoffart


Billy Pepper
Aaron Suski
John Cardiel
Andrew Reynolds
Brian Anderson
Steve Nesser
Dennis Busenitz
Heath Kirchart
Petey from Skull Skates
Alex Chalmers
Ryan Bobier
New England Am Contest
Donny Barley
Zered Bassett
Nick Dompierre
Brandon Westgate

March 09, 2015 08:57 PM PDT

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler skypes with the “Irish Bad Boy” of mixed martial arts (MMA), Brennan Ward at his father’s gym. Not only does Brennan Ward have a love for fighting, but skateboarding and surfing as well, making him a well-rounded guest for this podcast.

They kick off the show by talking about Brennan’s long-term relationship with skateboarding and fighting, along with the dedication needed in both sports. Brennan Ward is a professional MMA fighter with a 10 - 3 record, reigning from Waterford, Connecticut.

Brennan Ward feels that the key to success is dedication. Devotion allows for long-term prosperity, especially being an athlete. Shetler and Ward recognize that physical talent can take you somewhere, but it’s more about gaining experience while being there. They discuss the different pressures that come along with being a professional athlete, including age, vices, expectations and other weighty issues.

Anthony Shetler goes into how dedication can lead to some needed down-time, finding out what Brennan Ward does to relax his body and mind. The two discuss the physical abuse that both sports provoke and Brennan shares a story about a time he was choked out. Shetler also asked Brennan some of your questions

As professional athletes, the two discuss recognizing others within their sport and community. Brennan Ward supports Heavy Hitters USA. Heavy Hitters USA is a non-profit established in his father’s gym, that mentors at-risk youth by promoting a positive, healthy lifestyle.

Anthony Shetler -

Brennan Ward -

Kent Ward -
David Braymen -
Kevin Phelps -
Denzel Moffett
(Kids at Groton Skatepark)
Ryan Sheckler -
Nick Dompierre -
Alexander Shlemenko -
Manny Santiago -

March 02, 2015 07:59 PM PST

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler speaks with long-time friend, Dale Raymond. For the first time, a chef is brought into the mix, as Dale Raymond joins in on this podcast.

They start off talking about the effects of the snow storms in the north, how skateboarding has bounded their friendship and bringing in Raymond for a webisode Shetler has in the works, AINLife. Dale Raymond is the Executive Chef in Rochester, New Hampshire at The Revolution Taproom and Grill.

Dale Raymond feels that it’s important be able to do whatever makes you happy. Dale feels that whatever it is you’re going to do, you have to dive in 110% - all the way – completely invested. They discuss that how being invested as a skill set stems from skateboarding, including being humbled and forcing patience and perseverance to teach you work ethic. They discuss the transition of climbing up the ladder by working hard, being likeable and meeting the right people that will allow you the room and backup to be successful.

Anthony Shetler talks to Dale Raymond about working your way up and taking leaps of faith that feel right for you. They get into Raymond’s passion for cooking and what it’s like to work in a kitchen.

Dale Raymond talks about experimenting with new dishes and going through culinary school. Dale Raymond speaks about his reasoning for going to school. He delves into how, through a roundabout way, Easy-E helped him become a cook and MIT gave him an education in skateboarding and the law.

Anthony Shetler -

Dale Raymond –
Instagram -
Facebook -

Chet Thomas -
Red Alert (Ralph) –
Nick Dompierre -
Brandon Westgate -
Corey Goonan- blow-dried a mini ramp with a torch; there was an IG post

- Watching in the “mind of a chef”
Question/Re-living behind Wal-Mart:
-Testie stories II)

February 23, 2015 06:55 PM PST

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler speaks with pro skateboarding legend, Ryan Gallant. This interview happens to be Ryan’s first podcast, even though he has done many other interviews for magazines through the years.

They begin by talking about morning routines, how they take their coffee, growing up in MA, and the hometown sports teams they go for. They discuss getting Ryan’s first skate videos, including Speed Freaks and Hocus Pocus.

They get into Ryan putting school on the back burner to turn Pro and ride for Converse, and the difficult task of telling his parents he wouldn’t be going to college. He talks about family sacrifice, being a parent and finally seeing parenthood through his parents eyes.

Anthony Shetler talks to Ryan about taking the All I Need skate team to San Diego for 2 weeks of skateboarding which will be released online through the All I Need Skate YouTube channel.
Ryan Gallant goes into his early career skating for Coliseum and what helped define his work ethic by living and breathing skateboarding. Ryan and Anthony get into why Skateboarders should be at the front of the industry to lead where the industry will lead to in the future. Ryan also asks Anthony Shetler about the relaunch of Vision Street Wear and his involvement in it.

Anthony Shetler -

Ryan Gallant
Facebook -
Instagram -
Twitter -

Subliminal Skate Park
Jerry Fowler
Roger & Matt Bagley
Dan McGrath
Coliseum Skating?
Steve Costello
Andrew McGraw
Concrete Wave Shop
Dave Cordin?
Kenny Anderson
PJ Ladd
Danny and Colin (DC)
Corey G.

February 15, 2015 05:42 PM PST

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and fellow pro skateboarder, Zered Bassett catch up with a long awaited interview for the skateboard podcast.

Zered and Anthony have know each other for over a decade, and begin by talking about their roots in skateboarding. Zered Bassett remembers when the new school boards came out, and even though he was playing hockey at the time, he had to have one. He feels that not a lot of people in his town really understood what skating was, which was the case in most places at the time. Zered starting going to the local skatepark. They discuss skating on the east coast, skate parks vs. the streets, NYC, his first skate mag, demos, sponsor me tapes, including his first sponsored skate trip.

Anthony Shetler asks about being on Zoo York, what it took to get there, and earning his spot on the team. They get into the changes that skateboarding has gone through over the years, and give unique insights on what it meant to them when skateboarding was less accepted by the general public and a bit more raw.

Zered Bassett talks about coming up as a skate rat, getting flow and sponsors, feeling like a “team” when it comes to skating from the same area. corn rows, how he feels about contests, losing sponsorships, and skaters starting their own companies.

Anthony Shetler -

Zered Bassett
FaceBook -
Twitter -

Lucky Lou
Sammy Baptista
Jerry Hsu
Dave Mayhew
Dave Coin
Anthony Correa
Todd Jordan
Danny Supa
Quim Cardona
Pete Eldridge
Brian Brown
Burton Smith
Harold Hunter
The Muska
Joey Pepper
Matt Miller
Ryan Gallant

February 08, 2015 03:00 PM PST

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler talks to another skateboarding heavy hitter, Aaron Suski. Aaron Suski is an amazing skateboarder and friend of Anthony’s, which makes him another perfect guest for the podcast.

They begin by going into a typical day in the life of Aaron Suski, starting with what he had going on that day. Suski lives in AZ now, and explains why he was spending his morning getting materials for a brand new chicken coop that he is starting to build.

They discuss “getting weird” while camping, parenthood, skateboarding with old friends, and the definition of a “wigger”. Anthony Shetler finds out how Aaron Suski, who lived in the heart of NY, finds himself living in the wide open spaces of AZ.

Aaron speaks about why he started skating, growing up with supportive parents when he was skating, and how his dad built a launch ramp for him when he was starting out on his board. Aaron Suski even recalls his very first “real” board, with Rip Grip, and when he landed his first trick. They get into the life of skateboarding in upstate NY back in the day. Back when finding a great curb to skate meant a lot to you, and you took every opportunity to skate, even in frigid weather.

Aaron Suski speaks about when he first fell in love with skateboarding, while watching an edgy skate video called Sick Boys at church. We also learn how Aaron Suski got introduced to the skate industry, and skating NYC for the first time.

Anthony Shetler -

Aaron Suski -

Show Sponsor:
All I Need -

Willy Akers
Dan the Man
Animal Chin
Jeff Grosso -
Steve Rodriguez
Jim Thiebaud -

February 01, 2015 10:32 PM PST

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and Chief Operating Officer for Craft Vapery, Josh Krane, have a very informative and entertaining conversation.

If you want to know more about vaping and vapor products, this is the episode for you. Anthony does not know much of anything about vaping to begin the interview, but Josh has a very detailed knowledge about the industry and products. He gives a great breakdown about how it all works, including discussing the related laws, controversy, flavors, nicotine, juices, and hardware. Josh Krane explains why Craft focuses on the best ingredients to make sure that they are selling the highest quality flavors.

“Why does anyone live on the East coast?” says Anthony Shetler, before describing his morning of shoveling snow. Josh Krane however describes his morning in the bomb ass weather that they have in California. Josh feels that skateboarding is amazing for kids, and can’t understand why anyone would not want to have skateboarders around.
Anthony gets so pumped on how skaters are taking over with these skaters spots all over Cali and even in MA. They discuss why kids, even delinquents, need skate parks. Anthony and Josh both know just how important it is for the community, under privileged kids, and anyone that is looking for an alternative to organized sports.

Josh Krane talks about those that do not use nicotine, and what is available for those that do not want to use nicotine, but maybe want to lose weight. Josh and Anthony speak about how laws have changed for the marijuana game in the United States. Josh tells why the vape industry needs to stand out with their marketing and be more informative.

The show also goes into topics like eating raw bacon, people from Florida, tar pits, video games, legalization, bad parenting, cruising on a board, being 40 and stereotypes.

Anthony Shetler -

Josh Krane -

Show Sponsors:
All I Need -

Craft Vapery -

January 25, 2015 11:29 AM PST

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler starts with a special message for the podcast listeners. The show starts out by Anthony thanking all the supporters of him, his brand, the show, and skateboarding in general. They begin by getting adjusted to some Skype complications, and then the show really gets crackin.

We learn about Andrew Cannon’s morning rituals, including giving his doggy a shot in the morning, yoga, biking, reading, and spandex outfits. Andrew is a dad living in Santa Cruz CA. Andrew Cannon is 29 years old, and he has new twin babies.

Andrew feels lucky to be where he is at now, as the Brand Manager for NHS companies, OJ Wheels and Santa Cruz Skateboards. Andrew Cannon feels that he is so lucky to have had the career in skateboarding that he has had. He talks about why touring is so tough, and what it takes to switch roles and sit behind the desk now. Andrew breaks down exactly why he loves his job, and what it is like to be a Brand Manager.

Anthony Shetler and Andrew Cannon delve into networking in skateboarding, work experience, schooling, marketing yourself as a skateboarder, and why he skates for himself now. They discuss brands in the skate industry, including World Industries fall from grace, and exactly why skateboarders need to do more then just have talent.

Anthony Shetler feels that if you can become a pro skater, getting a regular job can be a bit easier. They get into why the #AINCaliTrippin tour was so productive and fun, and Anthony talks about how he would like to run his own skate company.

Anthony Shetler -

Andrew Cannon -

Show Sponsors:
Solstice -
No Problemo -

OJ wheels -
Santa Cruz -
Team Managers for World Industries
Thrive Skateboards -
NHS skate distribution -
Ron from Kruxs trucks -

If you wanna show some love to click right here! All I Need

January 19, 2015 03:32 PM PST

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and his brother Sam Shetler do another Skype call for the podcast. His brother is technically in the future, being ahead a few time zones, due to living in Australia.

The siblings begin by talking about the early family memories they share, including why Anthony peed around the apartment they shared on occasion. Anthony finds out even more details about his brother Sam, way more than he thought he knew. We get to listen in on Anthony and his brother Sam going over the reasons why Sam ended up living on the other side of the planet, in Australia.

He tells us about his experiences in Nepal, and what true poverty is like. Sam Shetler feels that volunteering is very important, and basically picked a less developed country at random to go and help. Although Sam Shetler is a teacher for a high school in Australia now, he grew up with his brother Anthony Shetler in MA. On the show they both delve into why Australia is putting mittens on Koala bears, Sam’s pet bunny, the old skate crew, and many other interesting topics.

They discuss injustice, legalization, politics, prostitution, and many other topics that are not typically discussed on the show. Anthony Shetler tends to get into deep conversations with his brother, and this episode they really get to discover more of the others perspective.

Anthony Shetler talks about how different the US is from other countries, why we should share the knowledge that we have by using todays technology, finding your voice, starting a podcast to build a brand, and his time in Australia with the ZooYork team partying it up.

Host: Anthony Shetler

Guest: Sammy Shetler - @samshetler

Solstice -
All I Need -

Shot outs:
Cory Sillva
Jeff T.
Mike C.
Chris Frow make sure you turn off your high beams


Cutting through the Bull Shit or Getting to the Root Issues:
Inequality in America

Inequality Globally

Inequality and Thomas Piketty

Investment Theory of Politics

97% Consensus on Climate Change

Debunking Climate Change Myths

“Working Class” – What is class anyway?

The Purpose of Schooling

My Australia
Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott

My campaign: Student Ctrl Facebook


THINK: How to be Radical or get to the root of our problems

ACT: The world is fucked. “What can I do about it?” A lot.

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